Our Team

Rah Rah Health was founded by Cooper Jones and Sam Allen in 2018.

Cooper Jones

Cooper Jones

Cooper Jones is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rah Rah Health.  Prior to starting the company, Cooper spent three years at a major consulting firm working across the technology, healthcare, and financial services industries.  He co-founded Rah Rah with Sam Allen to bring a proper digital wellness solution to both universities and students nationwide.  Cooper graduated from Oklahoma State University and has spent his entire career in New York City.  In his free-time you can find Cooper petting strangers' dogs or running (slowly) through Central Park.

Sam Allen Headshot 2.jpg

Sam Allen

Sam Allen is the CTO and Co-Founder of Rah Rah Health.  Prior to starting the company, Sam spent seven years at two major consulting firms advising executive teams across the financial services industry on data and analytics solutions.  He co-founded Rah Rah with Cooper Jones to simplify wellness for students while supporting university health initiatives.  Sam graduated from the University of Wisconsin and has split his career between New York and Chicago.  When he isn’t in the office Sam can be found on a rowing machine, or hiking the Hudson Valley.

Our Future Head of Product

Our Future Director of Marketing

Our Future Strategy and Operations Manager

These roles have been filled. Keep a look out for future opportunities at Rah Rah Health. We are growing!